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Small Group Tours

Way back when COVID-19 was in full force and cancelling all bicycle tour imaginable, a few of my HeartCycle friends asked if I would be willing to lead a small group ride. They wanted to ride NW Arkansas just a year after our HeartCycle's OZ tour. Sure, why not, and I gave my wingman, Scottie a call. We would switch off between SAG duties and ride leading. I learned a little from this, that I need a professional foodie to SAG and more riding for me!

It worked out so well, I've decided to conduct two small group tours every year, spring and summer highlighting the Ohio & Mississippi River Valley that I've grown so fond of. These tours for 10 to 12 riders will be around a weeklong with no days off, and we'll be staying at hotels along the way. Our contracted SAG will ride a 12 passenger Transit Van as we venture out in the wilderness searching for banjos a strummin'. Each day's ride will be around 50 to 60 miles, so there'll be plenty of time to check out the local fare and rest the legs.

My first small group tour will be Southern Indiana, naturally. It ain't flat down here, and I think I've ridden every hill and holler since I moved down here 17 years ago. It's scheduled for October 19 to 25, orientation being on Tuesday in Bloomington and ending there the following Monday. I'm working out the hotels and prices but I guarantee it will be quite cheaper than any other weeklong tours out there.

2022 will feature USBR 23 & Natchez Trace starting and ending in Nashville, Tennessee sometime in May. Late October will be another OZ, i.e. Northwest Arkansas.

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