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Jimmy Tours

I'm proud to announce my first small group tour has been all set up, figured out, scouted, hired, and budgeted. It's Tennessee and Alabama and the theme is music. We start in Nashville with our destination of Muscle Shoals and then back to Nashville. Both of those locations are steeped with music lore and sounds, and maybe we'll even happen upon some local jams. The dates are Wednesday, April 13 to Wednesday, April 20, which is before and after Easter weekend. Six days of riding 60 to 80 miles and seven nights of relaxing. Terrain will be rolling to hilly.

There will be some city riding in Nashville, but I have chosen safe designated bike routes. Otherwise, the routes are roads off the beaten path going south and the Natchez Trace coming back north. We'll have an orientation the night before our departure from Nashville at 8pm to get to know everyone with a few rules and review the first day of riding. During the week, after breakfast we'll meet for a brief review of the day's route and then shove off. After around 20 miles a morning stop with drinks and snacks, and later we'll have a nice lunch prepared by our SAG. She'll also be leapfrogging and hauling our luggage in a cargo van.

The tour price of $1100 to $1200 is for seven nights of lodging - 2 riders per room, SAG, snacks and lunch, maps and GPS routes, and some good riding with Jimmy.

All I need is y'all to get a hold of me via phone (260-450-2007) or email ( to arrange payment with a deposit of $300. Mailing a good ol' paper check to me is the cheapest way or you can give me a CC # for a little more.

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