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2019 will be keen!

I just signed up for another bike tour! I thought last year was a lot. As long as I stay healthy, it may be a banner year. So, we've already ridden a week in Maui in January. Unfortunately, the groundhog is not cooperating and more snow is coming tomorrow.

In April, I'll be scouting the Ozarks in Missouri and Arkansas with my co-leader Tom from Denver and a couple of Bloomington friends, Klaus and Steve. This should be a true adventure and the gang is already worried about the local grub!

In May, I'll be leading HeartCycle's Bourbon and Bluegrass Tour of Kentucky. We start and end in Louisville and on day 3 and 4 we'll be riding the Horsey Hundred, the best weekend cycling invitational east of the Mississippi. If you are interested there are plenty of vacancies, so check out

I've signed up in June for HeartCycles's central Colorado mountains and passes. I've ridden a few times in Colorado on BTC, but this will be the first with Heart Cycle. We'll see if my climbing is up to the native Coloradan's. We start and end in Gunnison and visit Crested Butte, Buena Vista, Frisco, Leadville, Carbondale, and Paona. There's vacancies, so come along.

This will be the first July that I won't have a big tour to ride, but who knows, Sylvia might want to tandem at RAGBRAI! I also might be scouting SE Ohio if HeartCycle offers this in 2020.

I might have to scout with Scott, my co-leader, Glacier National Park and Waterton sometime in August for HeartCycle's tour in 2020 and the tail end of August has us riding the Midwest Tandem Rally just 45 miles from us in Edinburgh, IN.

I just signed up for HeartCycle's Coast to Coast, Part 4, in which I'll be piloting a tandem with Ron, a blind HeartCycle member for two weeks. As a long time tandem riders I've always wanted to do this and am looking forward to the experience. The tour starts in Grand Rapids, MI and ends in Rochester, New York. I will kind of feel like a host for the tour as I'm a native Buckeye!

And finally, Bicycling in Oz, the Ozarks, in late October and early November after the annual HeartCycle luncheon. The colors will be fantastic and the hills I hear are the worst! I'll have to start watching the Netflix series, Ozark, again before this tour.

What's really neat about this season is riding with all the great people in HeartCycle, and my best buddies, Mayoma and Kathleen will be sagging for all of these rides!

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