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Finger Lakes in the Fall - September 2018

We started our tour in Rochester and went along the Erie Canal for awhile. Then we headed south and then east. The farm houses are a lot older out east and most are made of stone.

The first impressive

small town was Phelps

I hadn't any flats all year, but with all the wet and

drizzle weather and riding shoulders on busy state

roads. Two flats before the morning food stop. Bob

Samuels was there to help out. We rode together for

the next two days. We arrived in Senaca Falls for lunch.

It might sound familiar. This was George Bailey's home

town, and this is the bridge that he was going to jump off. In Auburn we had dinner with the three sisters and a bunch of others at a great brew pub. The best wheat ale and raspberry belgian.

I left Auburn solo but soon caught up with Bob as we rode to

the morning food stop along one of those finger lakes. It was misty and there was talk of rain anytime. After the food stop

there were some good

climbs and this freshly

painted iron bridge for

all of us and then an impressive Indiana-like hill before lunch. Soon after lunch, it started raining heavily as we approached Ithaca. We were promised a brewery but it was closed on Monday. Dinner at a not so good BBQ.

Ithaca Falls


Jim, Alan, Mayoma, and

Kathryn shuttled us all to Corning. I happened to get on the first shuttle and it had stopped raining by the time we arrived in Corning. Another big downpour while I went to my bags and bike and changed and went out riding after the rain subsided. I went straight out toward this big monster of a hill on the south side of Corning toward

Pennsylvania 16 miles south. Well, I didn't quite get there due

to a bad gravelly pot holen road. But wen't over east and back. About 21 miles or so. I tooled around downtown Corning and got these pictures. Very classy town.

Today so felt like riding in Oregon with all the mist and no sun. It was still good riding though. We saw our first semblance of autumn. Hopfully more to come.

Our morning stop was at Shequaga Falls. That's the only thing good about rain. The falls are raging.

Our next stop was Watkins Glen, but I skipped the hike with my bad legs for that at least. A different falls to photograph and then up and up NW to Penn-Yan as it started to dry up a bit. Then NE to Geneva ending with some sun.

Montour Falls

There's one day where the deluge was so huge that I couldn't see 10 feet in front of me. I sought refuge under an abandoned cottage. It was a day I'd rather forget, and I did. I have no photos and no recollection as to which day it was!



I rode today with my

roomie, Scott

MacCormack. This is

his fifth or sixth

Heart Cycle tour of

the year! Today's ride

went through some

Amish Country. You

can barely see the

black lab "guarding"

the buggies.


On this tour I seem

to always be leap

frogging with Ron

and Bev!

I seem to have dressed appropriately for today as we ride through Italy and have lunch in Naples


What to do on your day off in sunny Canandaigua?


wine tasting

beer drinking

and brats eating

Well, the last day was back to normal for

this week. Misty rain and fog. And again,

two flat tires. So this last picture is me


I loved the Rieslings and other sweet

wines this area has to offer!



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