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Frustrated with INDOT and Ignorance

I just sent a letter to our wonderful state department of transportation about another of many oversights while constructing our I-69 section 5. Besides being over two years behind schedue for 25 miles of road construction, they have ignored FHA guidelines regarding pedestrian and bicyclist issues. We were wooed with a bike/ped bridge but that was surely the first to get cut. Instead we get not yet completed multi-use paths crossing on and off ramps. My wife and I could have been the first death-related "accident" (corporate sponsored murder) yesterday:

I am very concerned about this issue, just today, my wife and I on our Tandem could have been killed on a roundabout by ignorant drivers. First of all, the issue: During the summer of 2017, INDOT diligently completed the Fullerton-I69 interchange, but only for the motorists. The multi-use path was not finished, and there was also heavy equipment blacking the path east of I69. I had sent a similar picture to Bloomington’s Bike/ped coordinator in the summer and this same picture to the Monroe County Transportation Alternative Commission and an MPO member. As you can see in the picture, there is a 10 to 15 foot section of non-rideable rubble and dirt westward to Shannon Drive inhibiting a moving cyclist. This prevents the use of this safe multi-use path eastward to the interchange. Instead, cyclists opt for a legal alternative and ride on Fullerton Pike to the roundabout and then hop onto the safer multi-use path. So now for the rest of the story, today, seven months later. As my wife and I entered the roundabout, yielding and taking our turn where we were almost rear ended by a motorist wanting to make a right turn to Monroe Hospital. A second motorist then almost hit us trying to pass us in the roundabout. Finally, a westbound cargo truck on the overpass almost forgot to yield to us in the roundabout. Well, we finally got to the multi-use path in one piece. Three close calls in one minute! Finish it, now

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