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Deep Into Winter

Yep, Jimmy, dream on! I've been tackling this upper respiratory crub for almost a month. The 2018 stats look so, so dismal. Just one ride.

I am one of the best procrastinators and besides bicycling and adventure walking with the dogs, I just plain don't exercise. This almost sixty year old body is breaking down and the muscles are getting all tangled up in knots.

So, yesterday I picked up a twelve hour shift at my real profession. Only a half hour in, some muscle that I can't recall around my hip pointer cried out and didn't stop all through the shift. The heating pad helped a little through bedtime, but that's the one of the old man's way methods.

I always forget to stretch before a bike ride, maybe afterwards in the hot tub if I have some time to reward myself with a dip and a beer. But you might be able to relate to the typical routine of watching the game or netflix instead.

Time to find any youth that I still have left. I found the old yoga mat and had to search the entire house for Bicycling's Joe and Mrs Kita's yoga manual for bicyclists. Finally found it.

Got some old CD's to listen and while the dogs on the couch were curiously looking at what I was attempting, I was getting re-acquainted with some yoga. Any guru out there would simply not call my attempt to be yoga, but hey, you got to start somewhere. Studying the pose, the breathing, figuring just how to position and losing my balance quite a few times, some due to my 5/8" leg discrepancy but mostly due to my rusty body. I really needed my own personal and very sympathetic guru, but I made it through all 18 positions.

My body feels so much better, I've got to do this more often. Ol' Pat Robertson would be angry, but I have to treat this yoga like a religion. And I'm confident that this effort will help me on my bike in 2018. Namaste, folks!

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