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Happy New Year

Well, 2017 is done and over. A litttle over 5700 miles on the bike which wasn't too bad when I didn't ride for about two months in late spring. My century tally was down to 19, maybe because I'm getting a little older but maybe a little smarter.

I started the year with a bang with Nick Gerlich's final Texas Hell Week. Somebody else is ressurecting it, but it just won't be the same without Nick. My vacation bike club, Heart Cycle, usually has a March ride out of Hill County every year so the bluebonnets can be seen if I need to.

Scouting Tennessee for a Heart Cycle tour this May was a good time with my friend Klaus. There's always adventure and surprises when you've ridden unknown routes for the first time, and then trying to figure out better alternates. I went back down with Sylvia in November to do some major re-routes driving and riding some. I just might have to go down once more before this May, as a state park that we were going to sleep over has decided to be demolished in April.

I got back on the sadde in June and Sylvia and I tandemmed a flat RAGBRAI in July. Well, the last two day were a bit hilly as we approached the Mississippi River. This was the best RABRAI of the four that I've done.

Southern Indiana was spectacular for riding in late summer and fall. It seemed like every route had some new asphalt. We rode Labor Day Midwest Tandem Rally over Labor Day in Columbus, OH and got to ride with Bubba Jeff Stephens on that Monday.

Southern Indiana Hills, Heart Cycle Tour, the first week in October was quite a success. As a new leader to them, I was being graded. Most concluded that I was "raising the bar" for Heart Cycle tours. Unfortunately, we had an extra day off due to rain in Nashville, IN. They Coloradan's all had fun and were surprised of the hills and the quiet country roads.

I put some 700x28 knobbies on my Nobilette and found some new mixed road and gravel routes to counter Klaus's new 1 x 11 Ritchey all terrain bike, and we had some nice rides in November and December. Probably more mountain biking and gravelling this winter to stay sane.

I'm looking forward to 2018 and my new business. Who knows what will come of it, but at least I can say I tried to make my hobby or passion into a business for others to better appreciate bicycling in southern Indiana.

Plans for 2018 are Solvang California in April, Tennessee in May, RAAM time station in June, Finger Lakes New York in early October, and Katy Trail on the tandem in late October. I promise there will be plenty of time for you to look me up if you're visiting southern Indiana.

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