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Southern Indiana in the Fall

Colorado mountain goats climbing Greasy Creek

I finished leading a group of my fellow Heart Cycle bicyclists throughout Southern Indiana the first part of October. I'd have to humbly say that it was quite a success. But much thanks go to my co-leader, Alan Scott, and my two sags, Mayoma Pendergast and Kathleen Schindler. All 26 riders were unsure about this tour as this was my first tour as a leader and no one had ever ridden in Indiana. They thought it was flat and boring. This is my home turf and wasn't about to slack off from the scenery and the short and steep climbs. Besides one day of rain the weather was impeccable, and that one day of rain created a couple of colorful scenic days as the leaves changed some color. After attending their annual meeting in Denver next week ><. I'll be headed down to Tennessee to scout some more for my May 2018 trip for Heart Cycle. I've got many more tours in our "heartland" for Heart Cycle up my sleeve. I'm officially starting my bike touring business in November. I know, probably not much demand for this during the winter, but now I have time to get the word out for the 2018 season. I think I'll like this gig. I don't plan on making a whole lot of money, but doing what I love will be worth it.

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