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Wondering about my business?

My medical condition back in April has be resolved and I've been riding since July, and my weekly centuries started back up in August. My yearly mileage this mid-September stands at 4300 miles, so my being out of commission for almost two months didn't make too much of a dent.

Trying to procure adequte insurance for my touring business is another story. A company that "specializes" on bicycle touring tells me they customize their coverage to your business. More like gouging the customer, and not customizing. It all boils down to secondary medical coverage for my customers. They will charge me $0.24 per rider and $35 per event for their coverage in addition to the $360 annual premium. Apparently, they are lumping my 1-5 rider "event" with all the 100 to 5,000 rider clients they have. To understand this better, I'm charging $40 for a two hour tour, and giving $36 to this insurance carrier. So much for "customizing". However, I've found another insurance source for $150 per year, but I can't start this until November.

I'm excited about my Heart Cycle Tour of Southern Indiana Hills that I'm leading. Check out . It is a non-profit vacation bicycle club based in Denver. I'm going to be one of their regular ride leaders "east of the Mississippi". The SoIN tour will be the first week of October, as the leaves start changing colors. I'm also busy planning a May 2018 8-day tour of south central Tennessee.

Other tours in the back of my mind are: "Ohio River Weave" and "Bourbon and Bluegrass", and Natchez Trace.

Still working on USBR 235, a scenic spur of Indiana's north-south USBR 35. I-69 is still being built through my neck of the woods, and some of the route is on access roads that aren't constructed yet. So, I've got another year to get some of the counties on board. My business will feature 2 to 4 day USBR 235 weekenders.

My real job has kind of let me go. I'm a part-time floater pharmacist, but my company hired too many salaried floaters, so I'm left with no hours. Oh well, more time to ride and grow this business. Hope it works out.

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