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    $ 20

     per day 

    cue sheet and map Tell me where your want to go, what you want to see for the day and I'll design a route thru RGPS

    breaking away interpretive tour

    up to 10 riders

    up to 50 mile guided tour 

       up to 5 riders  

    50 to 100 mile

    Guided Tour

    $100   up to 5 riders

     10 mile town ride
    15 mile suburban tour
    33 mile country tour

    tell me what you want to see and i'll personally show you

    tell me all the areas you want to see and i'll personally wear you and Me out riding it

    two, three, or four day weekender

    $ 200 per day
    up to 10 riders

    you pay for your lodging and dining

    * Riding experience recommended for distances over 15 miles

    * Day prices are based on 1-5 riders. Weekender prices are             based on 1-10 riders.  Prices for larger groups will be adjusted     accordingly

    * Bike rentals available at local bicycle shops

    * All riders must sign a liability waiver

    * Riders must wear helmets and bikes be in good riding condition

    * Not responsible for personal injuries, bike damage, traffic fines

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