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About Me


I've been an experienced bicyclist for many years.  My first 100 mile century was back in 1985 and I have ridden in 49 or the 50 states of the USA, 6 provinces of Canada, Argentina, and hopefully Norway in 2022.

I lived most of my adult life in northeast Indiana, but I moved down to Bloomington in 2005 for the bicycling.  What a great decision I made and I am now weaning into retirement.  I've been riding 100 mile centuries at least once a  week from April to November since 2012 and have designed around fifty centuries or double centuries through most of southern Indiana.  So, it would be safe to say that I know the roads to ride on.  

Sometime around 2008 I researched my favorite film, Breaking Away, almost frame by frame to capture every landmark of the movie and then designed and tweaked routes for all those fans of this movie to ride.  In fact, I live on Davey Stoller's street.

I have been busy laying out USBR 235, a scenic spur of USBR 35 through Morgan, Monroe, Brown, and Jackson Counties, and I would love to show this off to you along with Indianapolis.

I most recently added a Salsa Warbird Gravel Bike and am loving every minute riding gravel.  I've got lots of gravel routes.

I lead week long tours for and am just starting to lead a couple of small group tours every year featuring the Ohio & Mississippi River Valleys

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